Chiropractic Care in Thornton, Colorado

Located in the heart of Thornton, Mission Trace Chiropractic Center is like no other medical or chiropractic office. At our office you are one of the family!
At Mission Trace Chiropractic Center we will not let your health be dictated by your insurance or lack there of! If we are not in network with your carrier or your carrier does not provide adequate chiropractic coverage, we offer affordable pay at the time of service rates to ensure you are taken care of!

Our Philosophy is simple!

We are here to offer the very best to our patients without breaking the bank!

Dr. Charles Januschka's Education:


1975-1979 University of Norte Dame
BA Premed Studies
BA Psychology

1979-1980 University of Minnesota
Additional studies in Sciences

Professional Schools

1980-1983 National College of Chiropractic
BS Human Biology
DC Doctor of Chiropractic
Also obtained training and certification in:

Motion Palpation
Physiological Therapeutics
Nutritional Studies

1991 NLP-Comprehensive

Continued Education and Specialty Training

  • Brown & Sandler Brain Injury Rehabilitation Institute
  • Dr. Dan Murphy, D.C. Spinal Trauma Seminars
  • Dr. Jeffery Brand Nutrition Seminars
  • Dr. D.A. Versendahl, D.C. Contact Reflex Analysis and Applied Trophology
  • Dr. Terry Yochum, D.C. Radiology Seminars
  • CCS MRI Sponsored Seminars
  • CSCS Hospital Protocol Seminars
  • URSA Foundation Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Dr. J.M. Mazion, D.C. Impairment rating Seminar TMJ Seminar
  • Dr. Scott Walker, D.C., Neural Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Dr. Jann Armano, C.C. Acupuncture Diplomate Program
We are proud to be your local Thornton Chiropractor for over 20 Years!