Chiropractic in Thornton, Colorado

Your first visit will consist of a very thorough exam:
  • Doctor and Patient face to face reviews of presenting symptoms history
  • Orthopedic & Neurologic Evaluation
  • Many cases, muscular evaluation
  • Often, body symptoms evaluation via applied kinesiology/CRA/NET (diagnostic muscle testing techniques)
  • X-Rays of involved spinal areas
Chiropractic Checkup — Chiropractic Care in Thornton, CO


Upon the findings of the above exams the appropriately indicated treatment will be administered. This could include any of the many therapeutic techniques the doctor has come to master over the last 35 years of practice and continued study of the healing arts.

If the exam findings indicate that you need something other than the many approaches that we have to offer or if an allopathic approach would be more appropriate, those referrals will be made. Unlike many of the healthcare providers out there, Dr Januschka, is first and foremost a doctor and only then a provider if exam findings indicate you need what he has to provide, hence our high success rate and high patient satisfactory ratings.